Top Medical Team and
Superior Medical System
Contour lifting specialists with extensive clinical experience in
facial contouring and lifting We pursue perfection through
thorough preliminary diagnosis and planning.
Safety System
Successful surgery is synonymous with safe surgery.
We make no compromises on safety.
Surgery Responsibility
Guarantee Program
Since 2014, as a leader in the cosmetic surgery industry,
ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY has been committed to our patients
to the very end through the Surgery Responsibility Guarantee Program.
ONUL Medical Team
Specialized medical professionals in various fields commit to your happiness today with a responsible primary care system for all processes.
  • Representative Director
    Ko Kyung-seok
  • Representative Director
    Kwak In-soo
  • Director
    Shin Seong-uk
  • Director
    Kim Jun-young
The world's leading authority in facial deformity surgery, the most challenging in craniofacial plastic surgery. Representative Director Ko Kyung-seok
Director of the Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Research Society and the Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association 18 years of experience in facial contouring and lifting surgeries Representative Director Kwak In-soo
Cosmetic Surgery Laser and Filler Specialist Over 3000 clinical cases experience Director Shin Seong-uk
Safe Surgery and Real-Time Monitoring Pain management by anesthesiology and pain medicine specialist Director Kim Jun-young
  • After Plan - Lifting Program
  • After Plan - Laser Program
  • After Plan - Lifting Program
  • After Plan - Petite Program
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Please note – In regards to the before and after photos on this website, results may vary depending on each patient’s case.