After Plan
Lifting Program

The outcome of plastic surgery largely depends on post-surgical care. With our diverse post-surgery lifting programs, we ensure perfection in every aspect of your surgical success.




After Plan Petite Program

The personalized plan continues even after the surgery.
We propose complementary treatments suitable for each individual,
offering lifelong care and support.

Post-surgical and procedural anatomical changes necessitate accurate diagnoses and treatments. Especially after contouring surgery, the internal bone structure shrinks while the external skin, muscles, and soft tissues remain, potentially creating a surplus tissue effect. Even if the surgery is flawlessly executed, the positioning and management of soft tissues vary depending on the patient's skin elasticity. At ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY Dermatology, we offer a range of lifting programs, ensuring that post-surgery isn't the end but a new beginning in our commitment to your happiness.


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Enjoy lasting effects with continuous care through our unique ONUL programs.
18 Years of Experience in Lifting Surgery
The outcome of plastic surgery is fundamentally in the surgeon's hands, with their knowledge and experience paramount. With 18 years of extensive clinical experience and numerous research, we take responsibility for every stage, from consultation to post-surgical care, on a one-on-one basis.
02 Accurate Diagnosis with 3D-CT and Facial Ultrasound

We provide customized lifting for each individual based on the area, skin thickness, degree of sagging, fat, and muscle volume. The lifting specialist uses 3D-CT and facial ultrasound to assess previous surgeries and the current anatomical position before proceeding with treatment.

03 We Never Compromise on Safety

With real-time monitoring by anesthesia specialists and a range of emergency equipment, we ensure utmost safety. We adhere to strict sterilization protocols for the individual packaging of medical tools and use only proven, authentic products in precise quantities.

04 Diverse Lifting Equipment and Multifaceted Surgical Methods

We are equipped with various medical devices to ensure customized lifting and have diversified our lifting surgical methods for effective results.

PRECISION ANALYSIS SYSTEM ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY Precision Analysis System Thorough pre-surgical analysis lays the groundwork for successful surgeries.

CT Facial Bone and Structure Analysis

We use 3D CT and in vivo software to predict accurate diagnoses and post-surgical outcomes with three-dimensional analyses.

Ultrasound Facial Fat and Muscle Distribution Analysis

We meticulously analyze fat and muscle distribution in the patient's face to establish a tailored surgical plan.

Skin Elasticity and Type Analysis

Each patient has unique skin elasticity and type. We finely adjust the treatment intensity according to these differences to ensure optimal results.

Golden Ratio

Analyzing the facial golden ratio in terms of width and height proportions, we aim to achieve results that satisfy our patients.




AfterPlan Lifting Program – Ideal Candidates It is recommended for individuals experiencing these conditions. Discover the diverse programs at ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY


Sagging ue to aging


Sagging resulting from previous surgeries such as liposuction, fat grafting, or contouring


Those who received thread lifting or facelifts but are dissatisfied with the results or want revision surgery due to side effects


Those wishing to maintain post-surgery effects semi-permanently

A highly efficient lifting laser without any waste in every shot.  Utilizing facial ultrasound, we precisely design how to proceed based on the patient's skin type and area, combining suitable laser treatments.

Ulthera Lifting

FDA-approved for a natural lifting effect without surgery.

This non-surgical lifting procedure delivers ultrasound energy from the fascial layer to the dermis, promoting collagen and skin regeneration while tightening sagging skin, thus improving elasticity and lines.


Utilizing the latest KEDA-approved HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) equipment, Tensera provides a 2-LINE treatment that reduces pain and treatment time while enhancing effects compared to conventional equipment.

It stimulates collagen and elastic fibers for effective lifting and elasticity.


An MFDS-approved non-invasive device, Volnewmer safely delivers high-frequency energy deep into the skin, effectively addressing fine lines, elasticity, and skin tightening.

With five vibration modes and six cooling levels, it alleviates pain and allows precise and highly effective treatment.

Duet Thermage

A customized procedure combining thermal radiofrequency and fractional radiofrequency.

By delivering RF wavelengths of high-frequency energy deep into the dermis, it tightens sagging skin and contracts collagen cells, promoting skin regeneration and improving wrinkles and elasticity

Visible Ultrasound Thread Lifting THREAD LIFTING
At ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY, we conduct personalized treatment based on individual skin type, degree of sagging, elasticity, and fat volume, then precisely perform lifting procedures while directly viewing skin layers using ultrasound imaging devices.

Brow Up Thread Lifting

Corrects forehead wrinkles and drooping eyelids and eye corners using dissolvable threads. This non-invasive method allows for a quick return to daily activities without scarring concerns.

Combination Thread Lifting

The best results and natural appearance come from a well-balanced combination of different types of threads. More than the number of threads, the key lies in accurately diagnosing the areas needing improvement and designing which kind of thread and direction to use for the procedure.

Compare and Choose!

Surgical Duration
Approximately 30 to 60 minutes

Pain Level
Minimal discomfort

Recovery Period
Quick return to daily activities

Duration of Effect
About 1 to 1.5 years

Anesthesia Method
Topical anesthesia & Sedation

Ultra V Mono Lifting Lifting

Recommended Areas
Areas of decreased facial elasticity

Recommended Areas
Early 20s to mid-30s

The most basic type of thread with a needle at the end, inserted between the dermis and subcutaneous fat to generate important cell quality for contour lines, elasticity, and wrinkle improvement. It causes minimal pain and swelling, reducing the burden of treatment.
With 360-degree molded barbs that have minimal bending and rotate in various ways, the thread has bidirectional barbs inside and vortex barbs outside, enabling dual lifting effects.
Fox Thread Lifting

Recommended Areas
Sagging skin, fine lines

Recommended Areas
Early 20s to early 40s

A unique medical thread that dissolves in the body restructures sagging skin that has lost elasticity, offering immediate volumizing and lifting effects for face remodeling.
Silhouette Soft Thread Lifting

Recommended Areas
Entire face, nasolabial folds, forehead

Recommended Areas
Early 30s to early 50s

JAMBER, a fine spring-type scaffold thread that serves as a solid pillar, adds volume to sunken area. It prevents facial sagging by replacing aging ligaments, and keeps inner and outer skin tightened and tense by forming a massive collagen network.
Cavern Thread Lifting






Recommended Areas
Under eye, nasolabial folds, faceline

Recommended Areas
Early 20s to early 40s

Designed with 360-degree rotating barbs, thes threads allow fixation in all directions and are the first in Korea to receive MDA & MFDS approval, ensuring safety.
Mint Thread Lifting

Recommended Areas
The entire face, neckline, faceline


Recommended Areas
Early 30s to early 50s

At ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY, we analyze the depth and location of wrinkles and the causes of sagging to provide customized thread lifting.
LIFTING SURGERY INCISIONAL FACE LIFT We use facial ultrasound to create a personalized lifting plan based on rich anatomical knowledge.

Key Point



Critical Points of Face Lifting (Triple Plane Lifting)

There's a reason for our pride in Triple Plane Lifting.
Discover the exceptional difference now.

Customized plan establishment
based on professional anatomy

We use facial ultrasound to create a personalized lifting plan based on rich anatomical knowledge. From simple thread lifting to complex facelifts, we offer the most suitable solution and perform precise lifting procedures while directly viewing the skin layers with ultrasound imaging equipment.

18 Years of Extensive Clinical
Experience and Expertise

Choosing a surgeon with abundant experience and skill is critical, as each individual's skin sagging degree and skin type vary. Representative Director Dr.Kirk of ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY, with extensive knowledge in various facial contouring and lifting surgeries, is an expert in revision surgeries for contouring and lifting, as well as the developer of the Contour Lifting Surgery. Meeting a verified and skilled surgeon is critical to the success of the surgery.

Precise Dissection and
Secure Fixation

Performing periosteal lift, deep plane lift, SMAS lift, skin flap lift, etc., we dissect each layer, excise excess skin, sever the retaining ligaments, and then secure it in the optimal position. This includes repositioning not only the skin and SMAS but also deeper facial fat (also known as deep cheek fat) and facial muscles to their ideal locations. We even pull up the periosteum layer for contour lifting for definitive improvement.

Long-lasting Duration and
Definite Improvement

The facial structure consists of five layers, and lifting only the skin layer can show immediate effects but tends to sag quickly. Also, excessive skin removal can lead to overcorrection like a "cat's ear" or "joker's face." ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY's Triple Plane Lifting uses a technique that lifts not only the skin and SMAS layers but also three or more layers separately for longer-lasting effects and durability.

Diagonal Incision for
Scar-Free Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss can occur along the incision line when making scalp incisions. ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY's lifting surgery uses a 40-degree angled incision line to preserve hair follicles, allowing hair to grow through the scar, making it less visible.

Accurate and Quick Surgery
Using Full HD Endoscopy

Advanced Full HD endoscopy allows for safe surgery by delicately and precisely dissecting without damaging nerves, muscles, or blood vessels.

Worry-Free Hidden Scar
with Minimal Incision

We minimize incisions and employ meticulous suturing techniques to ensure scars are almost unnoticeable. This approach reduces the worry about scarring and aids in quickly returning to everyday life.

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Please note – In regards to the before and after photos on this website, results may vary depending on each patient’s case.