IntroductionIntroduction to ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY

At ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY, our specialized medical staff in various fields take full responsibility for all processes,
from consultation to post-operative care, ensuring an even happier today for our clients.

A World Renowned Plastic Surgery Clinic Specializing in
Contour Revision and Simultaneous Contour Lifting
[Medical team graduated from Seoul National University and Asan Hospital,
with over 20 years of experience, masters in their fields acknowledged globally]
A collaboration of two great masters in the world of plastic surgery! CONTOUR LIFTING SPECIALISTS with extensive clinical experience in facial contouring and lifting.
They are elevating Korea's medical status to a global level with their unparalleled know-how and technical skills as craniofacial plastic surgeons.
  • Plastic Surgery Specialist
  • Representative Director Ko Kyung-seok
  • A leading authority and a significant figure in Korean plastic surgery.
    Nurtured numerous students during his long tenure as a professor at Seoul Asan Hospital.
    A key contributor to elevating Korean plastic surgery to its current world-class status.
    The world’s leading authority in the most challenging craniofacial surgeries,
    such as facial deformity surgeries.
    Humanitarian thinking of humanity through 25 years of medical volunteer work in Myanmar,
    Vietnam, and Laos and serving as an education and evaluation expert in various
    international plastic surgery associations.
  • Plastic Surgery Specialist
  • Representative Director Kirk Insoo
  • Director of the Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association.
    Director of the Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Research Society.
    18 years of experience in facial contouring and lifting surgeries.
    Over 7000 cases of contouring and lifting surgeries.
    20 years of continuous support and volunteer activities for marginalized and injured children.
    Selection committee member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.
The finest results produced by the best medical team and top systems!
    • We conduct only
      one surgery per day.
    • Even with a highly experienced artisan, intense focus is required for the best results.
      Thus, we perform only one facial contour revision or lifting surgery daily.

      The responsible specialist oversees all processes from
      consultation to surgery and post-treatment care.
      • We pursue perfect results through
        thorough preliminary diagnosis
        and planning.
      • Delicately and meticulously consulting, considering the surgery motivation and future vision.
        Analyzing customers' bone structure, skin thickness, fat content, and elasticity based on facial
        golden ratios using 3D CT, X-rays, and facial ultrasound for precise and accurate assessment.
        • We make no compromises
          when it comes to safety.
        • Basic real-time monitoring by an anesthesiology and pain medicine specialist,
          equipped with various emergency devices such as external contamination preventers
          cardiac defibrillators, UPS emergency power supplies, etc.

          Thorough sterilization and individual packaging of medical tools to block
          various infections and using only genuine surgical equipment and medications in the
          right quantities proven for performance and safety.
        • We implement a surgery
          responsibility guarantee system.
        • Since 2014, as a leader in the cosmetic surgery industry, ONUL PLASTIC SURGERY
          has been conducting a surgery responsibility guarantee program. With unique technical
          skills, confidence, and a customer-oriented medical service philosophy,
          we are committed to our clients to the very end.
          • We minimize tissue damage with
            meticulous and precise techniques,
            reducing the burden of surgery.
          • Fine dissection minimizes bleeding and reduces the possibility of inflammation.
            Precise incisions minimize the area cut, reducing the risk of contamination and infection.
            There is no need for a drainage bag and possible same-day discharge,
            facilitating a safer and quicker recovery.
            • More Beautiful Than Yesterday
            • Building on the trust of our clients, we constantly strive to elevate the value of beauty
              and show the best results, committing to being your better today.
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            Please note – In regards to the before and after photos on this website, results may vary depending on each patient’s case.